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Defense Industry: An Advanced Training System

Business Challenge

Our client hails from an European naval defense industry, they have a great many products that they have developed and shipped to different countries like missile defense systems, submarines. Training new personnel on these systems is a time taking and costly endeavour.

The client had a proprietary simulator already built that can train personnel, but this solution required the personnel to visit the simulation lab in person and complete all his training in the simulation lab.

This kind of training had the following limitations:

  1. It is very rigid and not flexible.
  2. Not easy to scale.
  3. Riddled with logistic and administrative challenges to get everyone the clearance to attend the training in person.
  4. The trainee cannot learn at their own pace.
  5. Conducting certification courses and refresher courses becomes hard.

Our Solution

We developed an emulated system that could be accessed remotely and could run on any computer with a small setup that mimicked the original system. We created a web application whose user interface looks very similar to the controllers and control panels in the actual system. The user can then interact with this system and the system would emulate the original system to train the user in specific routines or handling different situations.

Main components of the solution are as follows:

  1. The Builder:

    The instructor uses this builder to create lessons with specific routines or scenarios in mind. The user has to follow one of the many paths laid out by the instructor to complete the task at hand.

  2. The LMS:

    A comprehensive Learning Management System, that lets the instructor create a curriculum, design tests and study material. The student can use the system to learn the curriculum and take tests to get scores.

  3. The Player:

    The student will be able to access the player though the LMS, to play the lesson as dictated by the lesson definition (JSON). The student can play the lesson in one of three modes.

    1. The Demo mode
    2. The Guided mode
    3. The Manual mode

Challenges we had

Due to the unique nature of the industry and the kind of solution we were trying to provide, there were many technical challenges we had to overcome. Here a few challenges that our engineering team had to solve:

  1. Often interacting with such advanced and complex machines required that the student had to access multiple control panels and the lesson had to play across all these control panels simultaneously.

  2. At times, the different control panels were different tabs in the same physical machine and at other times they were different physical machines connected over LAN.

  3. Submarine systems and missile defense systems have a map overlay that depicts the movement, trajectories, range, etc., of different other vessels and how they change with time.

  4. There are often different ways to handle the same situation, the user should be able to select any valid path of completing the task.

Technologies Used


We have successfully developed and deployed multiple instances of the system that are being used to train new personnel. As of today we have:

  1. A training system for a

    missile defense system

    in production.

  2. A training system for a


    in production.

  3. A training system for an

    advanced communication system

    in pre-production.

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