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Industrial Safety: Making safety a daily practice

Business Challenge

We can see in recent times that there are many accidents that are happening in industries due to leaks of dangerous gases or chemicals. These incidents can cause huge risk to life and property. Reacting to these accidents after the fact is neither a sufficient or effective solution. Although regulatory norms are in place, the implementation of these in India is lacking when compared to western countries.

Our Solution

Our client, an expert in industry safety standards, wanted to address this gap. We created a web application and mobile application that assigns a few members from each department as safety personnel. These personnel use our mobile application to make routine checks periodically of the industrial plants and make note in the application, all the shortcomings, good practices and potential hazardous circumstances. These reported issues have a lifecycle that the management can keep track of and address in a timely manner.

The users can also raise a Permit To Work request, that can be approved by the different department heads who can then track the progress and plan their department works accordingly. This improves efficiency and boosts productivity. We were also able to develop a plethora of modules common for this space:

  1. Safety observation module

  2. Safety suggestion module

  3. Accidents and reporting

  4. MD Space

  5. Mock Drills

  6. Emergency conditions and sirens

  7. Night Duty officers and schedules

Technologies Used

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