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Ticketing Platform: Ticket booking system for sports arena

Business Challenge

Our client owned multiple sports arenas that were taking offline booking for the sports arenas. This was difficult to track and maintain, especially where there are cancellations and rescheduling of the booked facilities.

Our Solution

We built an online booking system that is 100% configurable. The client needed a booking system that works across all of their sports arenas. With each arena having a different layout we had to come up with a system where the admin could upload the floor plan into the system and draw areas on top of it, which would then be treated as assets which can be booked. This model helped alleviate some of the pain points the client had in unifying the booking across all systems making it truly dynamic.

The system had the following features:

  1. Creating bookable assets for the admin.

  2. User management for admin

  3. User authentication.

  4. Single and multi slot booking for the user.

  5. Recurring bookings

  6. Payment gateway integration.

  7. Cancellations and refunds.

  8. Data import from csv for easy migration.

Challenges we had

Some of the challenges we had to overcome included the following:

  1. The client came in with a fixed stack, but MongoDB back then didn’t support transactions, we had work around this while avoiding double bookings

  2. The assets were dynamically created and dependencies on each other that dictated some assets can’t be booked while others were booked for a different event.

Technologies Used

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